Friday 1 March 2013

London | Islington | Highbury Fields Weather

Highbury Fields Weather has gone live as a page hosted by Linked to the independent weather stations network, feeding data to various apps, Highbury Fields Weather gives live meteorological readings throughout the day.

Monday 8 October 2012

Economics | Infrastructure | Risk-based safety regulation on Britain's railways


At the International Railway Safety Conference in London today, ORR Chief Executive Richard Price set out how why a focus in excellence in management is central to risk-based safety regulation, but also complements the drive for greater efficiency, better customer service and a more commercial approach across Britain's railway industry.
Photo; Ian Prosser, Safety Director, and Richard Price, Chief Executive, Office of Rail Regulation

Friday 28 September 2012

London | Islington | Plans for Highbury Corner

See our review of recent plans for Highbury Corner, including pedestrianisation and an improved transport hub.

Sunday 23 September 2012

London | Islington | A history of Highbury Station

Our Flickr posting of the picture of the original North London Railway station at Highbury and Islington has generated some excitement. We've had a series of comments on the history of the station and Highbury Corner from local residents and historians - and even posts from the great-grandnephew of Edwin Henry Horne, the architect of the 1870s Highbury and Islington.

Thursday 28 June 2012

Economics | Infrastructure | Innovation Innovation and the modern railway - 'An eagerly-sought objective':

Speaking at the Modern Railways Innovation Awards, Richard Price sets out why innovation matters so much as demand for rail grows and why the challenges of greater efficiency and investment are a huge plus for the industry - and calls for rail businesses and innovators to do more to shape their own destiny.

Economics | Infrastructure The Periodic Review in rail, innovation and the supply chain:

The Periodic Review in rail, innovation and the supply chain:
In this speech to the rail industry's suppliers, Richard Price sets out why Network Rail's relationships with the supply chain are so important to the industry's ability to innovate, serve customers and secure value for money.

Economics | Infrastructure and economic regulation Regulation: when less is more

Richard Price argues that the rail industry should depend less on government intervention and take more of its own decisions on how best to invest, serve its customers and grow. Independent regulation can help free up businesses from micromanagement.

Saturday 15 October 2011

Economics | Infrastructure | Reforming rail: Changing industry, changing regulation

Office of Rail Regulation Chief Executive Richard Price today outlined some of the key challenges emerging from Sir Roy McNulty's rail value for money review and how these are being reflected in priorities for the rail regulator.

Speaking at a rail industry event Richard Price identified the following challenges:
- the need for greater transparency on funding flows and costs across the sector.
- assuring delivery of current performance commitments and safety standards during a period of industry change.
- successful delivery of the 2013 periodic review and ensuring that this provides effective incentives across the sector.
- ensuring that industry reform, including Network Rail's devolution and changes to rail franchises, delivers real and lasting benefits to rail users and taxpayers.

Friday 14 October 2011

Economics | Environment | The value in environmental valuation

The UK has been at the forefront in using new techniques to shape policy decisions which affect the environment. On the publication of the UK's Natural Ecosystem Assessment, Mallika Ishwaran, Jonathan Portes and Richard Price make the case for valuing the environment as part of a better approach to informing policy decisions for environmental protection, linking science and economics, and reflecting the pervasive role the environment has to play in economic and social activity.

Sunday 4 September 2011

Coming next on Larpnet

Larp is back in red for the winter... coming up in the next weeks - ecosystems services - the value of valuation - the economics of green growth - infrastructure performance - Font of the Month - the grand finale of the 2011 League of Shirts. Thrills unbounded!